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New practice area

Discussion took place at the EGM 15/11/2017 on possible options to replace the existing practice area when the lease is withdrawn as of Sept 2018.
The general consensus was that a club like Dewsbury District Golf Club should have a practice area and that the best of the 2 options discussed was to utilise the land behind the 4th green up to the 13a green.

Costings were discussed and for a like for like facility it would be around 3-4 years of current costs of the existing practice area circa £15-£20k. This price is way below market price as the club would make best use of own resource and by the creation of a working party (skilled volunteers). It may be possible to seek additional funding through Golf England, and this will be explored.

One of the major problems would be its location. Suggestions to provide vehicular access and parking are being considered.

If it were to be upgraded to a driving range type facility this would require additional funding but this is not under current consideration at this stage.

The other option was to convert the 16th but generally felt not to be the right way forward as the loss of the hole, the loss of the 17th White, the insertion of an internal out of bound were all felt to negative for the course.

Work on clearing the new practise area is nearing completetion. Leveling, seeding and preparartion for overwintering will continue over the coming months.

Practice Areas

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