Dewsbury Golf Club

The home international is being held on Sunday 30th August. The first tee is booked from 1.30-2.45pm

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The pairings and start times are displayed on the club notice board.

It is a better ball stableford off full handicap from the Yellow tees.

5 pairs representing each country with the worst card from each country being discarded leaving 4 cards to count. The highest total points being the winners.

In the event of a tie their will be a card playoff using each countries Captains card.

Can each player wear their countries colours?

Scotland – Navy Blue, England – White, Wales – Red and Ireland Green

After the match a meal will be served in the Pinnacle suite where Casual dress will be acceptable

Message from the Captain to all the players

Rivalry, it’s in our blood, it burns at many times and in many places. It’s so strong it can push a man to victory or cast him into the abyss of defeat and every year we will wait for the rivalry that runs deeper than any other.

It’s not just about golf, it’s about nations, your nation because our fiercest rivals are those who are closest!

Rick Towler, Captain and Scottish