Head Green Keepers Report

Dewsbury Golf Club

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So far February has been even wetter than January, with two named Storms which have even closed the course! The course has been the consistently wettest that I can remember! But the Greenkeepers tasks continue regardless! Since my last report we have been fabricating an old Shipping container into a Driving range Ball Dispensing facility, thanks to our Engineer/Greenkeeper Mr David Leatham! And developing the area around the container for Car parking! There has also been a new pathway put in to get to the new driving, I just need some drier days to complete that task!

We have also had flooded sheds which has been recently rectified:


The problem was from the raised bridleway outside the shed, it was evident that a drain has to be installed as shown below:


Maintenance procedures on the course have mainly consisted of removing water off Greens, unblocking drains, trying to maintain bunkers and repairing pathways, roll on summer!

The storms have also created extra work like trees blowing down over pathways:


Because of the time of year with the golfing season looming, we have to maintain the course furniture, as new bins and tee markers are an expensive luxury!


Once the Driving range facility has been completed, there is still a shed full of machinery which needs serving, due to the age of our machines it’s more than a filter change, our engineer regularly has to fabricate new bearing housing and bushes to reduce costs. All in all there is never a moment in our day when there isn’t a job to do!

Any questions or info please contact me. Thank you James (Head Greenkeeper)

Head Green Keepers Report